As Humanbeings, we all experience a conflict of roles in our day-to- day endeavours. The father/mother at home is at the same time an employer/employee at work. Take the example of a class-teacher, whose child happens to sit in his/her class. Does the teacher treat the child impartially-sidelining any emotional attachment? Should the child’s schoolwork be graded more harshly in response to an unfortunate run-in earlier in the morning; at home? Should the schoolwork get better grades-because family is involved?

Through this blog, the author would like to explore various topics such as the one above. This is meant to be a stage in which ideas are exchanged, whilst respecting the fact that a diversity of views is inevitable. Afterall, perspective is relative to vantage point.

In addition to various texts(discussions,quotes etc.), the reader should be able to find some musical jewels and pictures. Gems that should be shared with everyone.

So exactly who is the author?

Tumaini Akou is a Medical Student at the University of Marburg. He is a diligent young-man, who enjoys learning new things and appreciates others’ points-of-view.

The rainbow wouldn’t be as beautiful if it only had the one colour… As a result, Tumaini started this website/blog-so as to diversify his experiences.

Hope you enjoy. Feel free to comment about the website and/or its content. Got a Twitter-account? Follow Tumaini @Akous.




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