48 Things You Didn’t Know Had Names.


The people over at Mental Floss put together this hilarious video-show casing an incredible collection of words. Each word describes things in our everyday lives; which we normally wouldn’t know what to call.

I really enjoyed watching this video-hence my sharing it.  Happy viewing.






The sun as it rises,
So gentle-so serene,
Bringing with it something in,
A fresh start-one realizes.

The birds all achirping,
Early birds-worm catching,
Night-shifts head on home,
Alarms ring-the rest moan.

Gone is yesterday,
For a new day with thanks we pray,
Here comes today,
Affirmations-Great New Day!

Dew caresses the fields,
Light brightens the lawn,
Today will be awesome,
Afterall-it is a new dawn.


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Moving to a new country: The basics.



Through-out history, stories have been told of men and women, who left their homelands for far-off places.
Missionaries to unexplored lands, explorers, settlers and even fugitives can be counted to the list of risk-takers and thrill-seekers, or even pioneers that come to mind.
The initial movers of long ago, certainly had plenty to contend with.

Diseases, rough terrain, hostile locals or even resistance from their own governments are just some of the challenges they had to deal with.

Of course I won’t dwell on history that much, but simply seek to point out, that emmigration isn’t an invention of our time (the shock…).

So what are some of the basics to consider when moving to a new land?


This is quite frankly the most important thing to consider. Does your Nationality require that you get a Visa inorder to enter a country?

Here you can check on your eligibility.
Then there is the question of your purpose of visit.

In relation to this, there are various types of Visas on offer.

The tourist-visa if you only intend on taking a vacation in order to see the sites and travel; the student-visa for those going to school; even  work-visas for jobs to be done in the new land.
Each class of visa comes with different requirements, which have to be met before it can be issued. (It would be advisable, to contact the consulate of the soon to be visited land, in order to know these.)

This can be very sensitive if neglected.

In the case of students for instance, getting a tourist visa to travel because it is easier to come-by, could result in the inability to extend one’s stay beyond the visa’s eligibility, as tourist visas simply won’t be converted to student-visas(in the case of Germany). Bear in mind that tourist-visas only have a 6-month shelf-life.


Severally, we hear of people who did something in a foreign country, that went against the laws of the land.
On being questioned, the culprits usually claim ignorance.
If you are a nudist for instance, it wouldn’t hurt to enquire if your ‘open’ nature, is acceptable where you are going.
It is of course impossible to memorize all laws, but cultural differences have to be considered.
Unlike the past-when settlers imposed their cultures on others, today each country likes to pride itself on its identity-and will strive to protect this. Best get informed for a really wonderful stay.


Will your money be accepted as a means of trade?
It is of course, good to know the international exchange rates, in order not to be cheated by shrewd individuals. It would be impossible to go shopping in London with Nuevo Sols-no matter the amount of Nuevo Sols in ones pocket.
Not only the currency should be looked at-but it wouldn’t hurt to have a little extra pocket money, to help settle-in. Truth of the matter is, that money is important. We need it to buy our basic needs. These basic needs remain a constant wherever we go.


This is right-up there in terms of importance.

We are blessed to live at a time, when an international language-really is that: an international language.
English can get you to many places-but not everywhere. Here is what is spoken elsewhere.
If the locals speak a different language, learning a bit of it wouldn’t hurt. Might actually be fun.
Here you can find a list of psychological advantages of learning another language-if only for your personal good.

Being multi-lingual, helps avert miscommunication


Your health comes above all else. It might be necessary to get a vaccination when travelling-especially when visiting tropical climates. This helps protect you against contracting dangerous diseases.

Here is a good website by the Centre of Disease Control and Prevention, to help you see which vaccines you may need.

Consulting your physician is also of utmost importance.


Many times, locals complain about foreigners who keep to themselves. The visiters become a source of suspiscion.
Wrong stereotypes are developed as a result, which may lead to animosity and unjust hatred.
If it is safe, why not mingle with the locals and get to know them. This fosters a great understanding which will eventually make your stay more enjoyable-and the experience awesome.

My point of view is that it makes no sense to travel to a new country, if you just intend to keep to yourself. That could have been accomplished at home!!

All in all, I am pro-emmi/immigration. It is wonderful that we can visit new places and meet new people. It is wonderful that I can share my culture with people from distant lands, as I learn theirs. No man/nation is an island.
These are just some of my ideas, of how to make a move as easy and enjoyable as possible. Have a great trip.


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A fruit called Patience.



Patience-a fruit that is bright,
So distant at times-it might cause a fright.

To posses this, quite great,
Any trial to defeat.
Just that extra little grit,
And all that is, is with dealt.

Of course at times, one does quake,
On the weight and bile,
In one’s wake.

Remember alone, none can withstand,
Without that extra help, ready at hand.

Yes persevere good spirit,
Yes be patient good being,
However, never try to think it,
That you are alone, in that thing.

There’s always a shoulder to lean on,
To strengthen-nourish, and to get your game on.

Be patient, but also share,
Is all to say, that I do dare.

I might be wrong, but isn’t it from the wisest,
That before dawn, it’s always the darkest?


5 Lessons I have picked up so far.


Some days typically come with a strain. This is true for whatever field one might be involved in.

My colleagues and I for example, don’t always have the stamina and willpower to tackle the challenges, of reading seemingly monotonous literature in our Medical studies. This nontheless, has to be overcome, if we are to achieve our dreams and become competent doctors.

I am still in the early days of the field-but here is a list of simple lessons I have learnt that get me through. Each I believe-applicable in other areas of life as well.


Time is everything. Any second lost, will never be recouped.

Say an oral exam in anatomy is around the corner: Preparation becomes the most vital element.

Last minute all-nighters, only marginally help-are however an unnecessary risk and stress to put oneself through, due to the immense volumes. Any piece of information ingested in this rush to cover ground, generally only becomes a part of the short-term memory-which in turn translates to another stressful period when preparing for the boardexams.

The initial procrastination, causes a vicious cycle of trying to get things done in a hurry, which in-turn leads to nearly-going-mad experiences and burn-out. Regret becomes the only emotion, one is left with.

Similarly, in life, time management is essential. Think of the numerous institutions that require that time be taken seriously.

Whether it be payements that have to be made, meetings that have to be attended or flight time, order universally dictates that a certain allocated time be synonymous with the event itself.

A delay in payements for instance, causes penalties, meetings missed require lengthy explanations as everyone else gets held up(tempers may flare) and late arrivals for flights, leave one stranded.

Doctor Seuss once stated:

“How did it get so late so soon?”

I have learnt that I certainly don’t want to utter these words of regret,


College life can be very distracting. There always are these characters, who come-up with the craziest ideas imaginable. These, coupled with a new-found freedom away from home, could lead anyone into forsaking a lifelong dream for a sporadic moment of pleasure. The all too famous abbreviation doing its rounds these days becoming the mainstay of conversations-‘YOLO,’ You Only Live Once.

I am not condemning the occasional unwinding. I however believe, that unwinding doesn’t consist of every single day.

Simply put, if you really want something, you should be able to sacrifice some pleasures for your goals.

I have personally seen several friends drop out of the course because of a backload-caused by previously overindulging where they could have done without. Clara Barton hit the nail on the head…


No single human being can do everything perfectly-everything alone. We all have our strengths, which we can use for the benefit of others.
Study groups have helped me not only improve my fluency in portraying points-of-view, but through this sharing, comes an additional advantage of understanding the material better, as seen from another’s point-of-view.
This teamwork is basically reflective of the everyday aspect of life.

Consider the bicycle. Without the chain, we wouldn’t be able to propel an uphill motion. The chain itself is made of smaller parts.

Even a Basketball team has many members- the pointguard can’t play alone.

As Helen Keller put it..

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”


We sometimes tend to over-emphasize on end-results, without considering the way which leads up-to. Having an overall idea of how all the pieces fit together is good-very good in fact. However, the here and now also counts.

Looking at a physiology textbook like Boron’s Medical Physiology for instance, and cowering at the thought of the workload that lies in reading through the pages is counter-productive.

Yes one has to work hard inorder to achieve something. Nothing worth having comes easy. Nothing worth having happens overnight. All can however, be achieved through systematically working, one bit at a time, until finally the task is completed.

Dealing with what you can right now, always sums up in the end, to accomplishing the bigger picture.

C.S. Lewis says..

“What saves a man is to take a step, then another step.”


We are not machines. A person cannot sit at a desk the whole day long and expect to maintain a steady workrate, taking in all the information like a sponge. Our minds tire and begin to wander, our muscles crave some stretching and our psychological well being craves contact with other beings.

Organizing one’s time appropriately, being disciplined, working in a team, taking one day at a time-if all balanced-allow for that window of opportunity to simply let go.
Physical fitness refreshes our minds, stimulating our brains to remember things better. Our circulation system also benefits-our bodies remaining healthy. Further still, socializing with friends, going dancing or to a karaoke bar helps our psychological wellbeing.

Inorder to bring our A-games, we basically need to be rested and ready to go.

As Roald Dahl put it..

“A little nonsense now and then, is cherished by the wisest of men.”

I am however, still learning day by day what works for me. Discovering my limits and motivations on this stage we call life.

Maybe you have other tips/lessons from your daily endeavours.

I would love to hear these in the comment section below.

Wish you a splendid time.


The Dancer


Swaying from side to side,
Eyes shut-mind keen,
Around, all turns green,
I think I just heard a beat.

A little jiggle of the knee,
A twist and a turn,
Oh boy this is fun,
I think I just heard a beat.

Trickling of sweat,
The heart rate up,
Strange thought-need some grub,
I think I just heard a beat.

A smile begins to form,
The song begins to wane,
My heart proceeds to tame,
Certainly, I just heard a beat.


photo credit: <a href=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/supersonicphotos/3999192675/”>kelsey_lovefusionphoto</a&gt; via <a href=”http://photopin.com”>photopin</a&gt; <a href=”http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/”>cc</a&gt;

Life began with…


Life began with waking up and loving my mother’s face. ~George Elliot.

I have been absent for a long while, something which I honestly will look to avoid in future. However, I could think of no better day to post something than today….  Mother’s day. A day set aside to honour the greatest women in our lives(shouldn’t be restricted to the one day though)

Our moms are the greatest gift we enjoy…

Not only did our mother’s carry us around for 9-months then deliver us, but they always give us their unconditional love-grooming us into what we are today. We can always rely on them to be there.

Even if a biological mother wasn’t available in your life- I am more than certain that a mother-figure was present. A kind, caring, God-sent person, who gladly stepped onto the plate in your life-offering some guidance.

Not to forget those wives and female friends with children of their own. The mother of any child=a mom. It is her day as well.

What the mother means

From the male perspective- the mother is the first love- a shining beacon to which the future wife has to live-up-to to some extent. The oedipal complex comes to mind(I don’t quite agree with Freud).. Male infants are basically inseparable from mama. She is the child’s all.

For the female- a mother stands as a role-model- her idea of how it is to be done. A future friend and confidant-though the teenage years may beg to differ. (Carl Jung suggested the Elektra complex..again I’m sceptical).

Psychology aside- our moms/mom-figures deserve our respect and love. They are the pillars of every society. As an old adage states- “Educate a man, and you educate an individual. Educate a woman, and you educate a community.” Mothers are ever sharing.


I salute you mother. Thank you for all your sacrifices for me. I love you.



The Importance of VitaminK (Phylloquinone).


Vitamin K-along with Vitamins E,D and A- is one of the 4 lipophilic Vitamins needed in our bodies, to ensure optimal running of the system.


  • Its main role is in Hemostasis;the process of blood clotting/coagulation.

What Vitamin-K essentially does, is that it acts as a cofactor for reactions. This means, that it facilitates the action of a Carboxylase in the liver-which on its part adds a COO group to various clotting factors(CFs).

As a result, this modification enables the CFs, to react with phospholipids and calcium- allowing for their activation.

The affected CFs are: Factor II(Prothrombin), VII(Proconvertin), IX(Christmas Factor) and X(Stuart Factor).

  • Another function of Vitamin K, is the activation of Osteocalcin in the bones.

Again through a COO substitution- modification is achieved- which results in the strengthening of bone-tissues, as a result of facilitated calcium uptake.

Minimum Requirement.

As is with all essential nutrients in our bodies, Phylloquinone also has a minimum requirement. This not only varies between the genders, but also between age groups.

  • Until 10 years of age- circa 25 micrograms is required
  • 10-15 years of age- circa 45 micrograms
  • Men circa 80 micrograms; women circa 65 micrograms.


Vitamin K can be found in all Green vegetables, especially Spinach. It is further found in foods such as Paprika, Cayenne, Chilli powder, Curry, Asparagus, Broccoli, Prunes, Brussels sprouts, Pickled cucumbers as well as Cabbages– to name but a few.

It is further produced by Intestinal bacteria in vivo, which explains the reason as to why under normal conditions, a deficiency is highly unlikely.


A deficiency of Vitamin K, can however come into being, should the proximal and distal intestines be damaged, e.g in Crohn’s Disease, leading to an inability to absorb nutrients from the Gastrointestinal tract.

A further cause could be the overexposure of the Gut flora(intestinal bacteria) to antibiotics-hence their eradication. The in vivo Phylloquinone production is thus halted/ slowed down.(A reason as to why the intake of Antibiotica shouldn’t be overdone)

Excessive Aspirin, Tuberculostatica and Anti-epileptica intake, has also been known to cause a decreased Vitamin K absorption.


With every deficiency-automatically comes a symptom. In the case of Vitamin K:

  • Increased HaemorrhageNosebleeds, Blood in stool/urine, menorrhagia(heavy menstrual bleeding), prolonged waits before bleedings stop.
  • Slowed bone-fracture healing.-Due to the reduced ability to absorb calcium.
  • Diminished Cicatrisation-Slowed-down wound healing-a process directly related to blood clotting.


Vitamin K Antagonists:

Every plus side has its negative. Similarly, Phylloquinone has its antagonists, which help regulate its activity.

These are commonly put into use in medicine as prophylactic measures, in the event that the patient experiences excessive levels of coagulation e.g Thrombosis-which may lead to an infarction(Heart attack/stroke).

Common antagonists applied are Coumarin derivates such as Marcurmar and Warfarin. These inhibit the action of Vitamin K competitively,slowing the entire coagulation process.

An advantage of the usage of these antagonists, is the fact that their activity can be overrun, by simply increasing the bodily Phylloquinone intake.


Important to note, is that the excessive intake of:

  1. Vitamin E(Tocopherol) inhibits the the Vitamin K dependent Carboxylase.
  2. Vitamin A(Retinol) inhibits Vitamin K absorption.